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100% Activated Hardwood Food Grade Powder (Ultra-Fine)

The 100% Activated Hardwood Food Grade Powder (Ultra-Fine) we sell is made in Cambodia from evergreen trees grown locally. It has a High absorption capacity and efficiency.

Activated charcoal is normal charcoal that has been heated in the presence of steam so as to increase its absorptive properties, creating pores which can help remove chemicals. It has a wide range of uses, including odor control, air and vapor filtration, water purification, soil remediation, precious metal recovery, as well as health and beauty products, making it one of the most incredibly versatile products you'll ever encounter.

Size: 500g inside a plastic zip lock bag which is then sealed with another plastic zip lock bag.

Our Shipping Policy: Please be aware that you have to take full responsibility for your shipment so if customs seize it we cannot be held liable for this, so far we have not had an issues with customs seizing any parcels but it a possibility.

Also this applies to any products that are broken in transit as this is a risk taken with glass jars being sent, we do protect the jars in very good protective packaging so its rare that his occurs but if it doe's please be aware we cannot give a refund or resend of the items broken but we can give a 50% off of a second order if you choose to make another one.