Free Health Consultation

Hello! and Welcome, Our Coach (Sun Fruit Dan) creates various health, lifestyle and detoxification coaching programs which you can view by clicking Here, there are designed specifically for you to overcome your mental, spiritual and physical health issues and help you achieve the health goals you truly want and desire so that you can life live to the fullest and become the greatest version of yourself.

Sun Fruit Dan is only looking for people that are dedicated, driven and serious about achieving the highest level of health possible that i have managed to achieve with myself and many others.

Please, Ask yourself these questions below before deciding on getting coaching with him.

Do you want to be take control of your health and be disease and sickness free?
Do you want to life live with the most optimal state of health and well being?
Do you want to kill and eliminate parasites and candida from your body fully?
Do you want to live a life without having to rely on taking pharmaceuticals?
Do you want high energy levels to achieve everything you want to in this life?
Do you want feel alive rather than dead inside?
Do you want to reach your desired weight goal?
Do you want your mood boosted massively naturally so you can feel real happiness?

If you answer YES to these questions then i highly recommend a 15 minute consultation with Sun Fruit Dan which is FREE! Read below for more information.

FREE 15 Minute Skype Consultation

Sun Fruit Dan would love to work with you, so he is offering this free consultation for you to understand what he could offer you and to see if his coaching suits you. You will talk with Sun Fruit Dan about what your health goals and health issues are, then I he will discuss with you his approach and how specifically he can assist you with your outcomes and desires.

After this initial consultation, if you and Sun Fruit Dan are both happy that he can help you to achieve what you desire, then we will review a coaching agreement together. You will then choose to move forward, or you can choose not to move forward, the choice is yours.

To schedule your free 15-minute consultation and get things started, fill out our contact form that you can view by clicking HERE (Please make sure to state you want a consultation) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.