Sacred Purity’s Gentian Violet (GV) USP Grade (99.99% Purity) Powder

We at Sacred Purity sell some of the highest purity Gentian Violet (GV) USP Grade (99.99% Purity) Powder. We ship it worldwide and you can purchase it below.

Our Gentian Violet (GV/Crystal Violet) Powder is USP Grade (COA available upon request via email) and it has an ultra high purity content (99.9%). It is sourced from & manufactured in Spain, once created it is only ever in glass containers (no plastic) - (For Legal Reasons We Have To State "Not Suitable Or Intended For Human Consumption").

Unlike a lot of Gentian Violet (GV) available on the market, ours is NOT manufactured in China and it is free from toxic impurities like arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Price And Size Options:
1 Gram (Trial Pack) $79.99 $50.00 (USD)
5 Grams $119.99 $90.00 (USD)
10 Grams $199.99 $150.00 (USD)
25 Grams $425.99 $325.00 (USD)
50 Grams $699.99 $599.99 (USD)
100 Grams $1299.99 $1099.99 (USD)

Available with a 100ml / 4OZ x1 empty glass blue dropper bottle ($10 extra), select below when checking out if you want this with your Gentian Violet powder order.

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