Sacred Purity's Lugols Iodine Solution 5% (6.25mg Per Drop)

We at Sacred Purity sell Lugols Iodine Solution 5%, we ship it worldwide & you can purchase it below.

We are proud to offer you a unique super strength Lugols Iodine Solution 50% in brown glass dropper bottles. This Lugols Iodine Solution is ideal for taking lower doses of Iodine, if you need a super strength version of our Lugols Iodine Solution click HERE.

Our Lugols Iodine Solution is superior to most sold on the market because ours is made from the highest quality reagents, in our Lugols Iodine Solution 50% the Potassium Iodide in it is from New Zealand & Iodine crystals in it is from Australia, unlike most other Lugols Iodine Solutions which tend to be made from reagents sourced from China which are impure and of low quality.

Prices 30ml (1.05 OZ) $29.99 $19.99 (USD)
100ml (3.02 OZ) $59.99 $49.99 (USD)
Size: 30ml/100ml in a brown glass dropper bottle.

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