Sacred Purity’s Organic Nattokinase (20000 FU/g) Pure Powder

We at Sacred Purity sell some of the highest quality Organic Nattokinase Powder. We ship it worldwide & you can purchase it below.

Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted and purified from a fermented Japanese food called nattō (fermented soybean dish). Our Nattokinase is only extracted from organic NON-GMO soybeans from Japan, and per gram, it has a Nattokinase activity of 20000 FU (fibrinolytic units).

The product supports the heart and cardiovascular system, aids in antioxidant protection, helps keep bones healthy, and encourages good circulation. Unlike other supplements, Sacred Puritys Nattokinase is made with pure ingredients and no fillers or artificial additives.

It's also Vegan and gluten-free, making it a good choice for people with dietary restrictions.

It is recommended to take at least 250mg (1/8 teaspoon) per day with or without food. This dosage provides 5000 FU of Nattokinase. This product is only stored and shipped out in brown glass jars.

Allergen Information: Soy

Price And Size Options:
50 grams (Trial Pack) in a brown glass jar $99.99 $59.99 (USD)
250 grams in a brown glass jar $259.99 $159.99 (USD)
500 Grams in a brown glass jar $379.99 $279.99 (USD)

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