Sacred Purity’s NBMI (NB/Emeramide/Irminix/OSR/OSR#1/BDTH2) 99% Purity Powder

We at Sacred Purity sell the highest purity NBMI (NB/Emeramide) 99% Purity Powder. We ship it worldwide & you can purchase it below.

NBMI (Emeramide) 99% Purity Powder

NBMI is also known as NB, Emeramide, Irminix, OSR, OSR#1 & BDTH2 and it is one of the most effective toxic heavy metal chelators that will chelate Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium. Our NBMI ((NB/Emeramide) is the highest quality sold in the world and it has an ultra high purity content 99% (COA & MSDS available upon request via email)

A lot of NBMI ((NB/Emeramide) available on the market is not lab tested but ours is lab tested and it has been found to be one of the purest NBMI (NB) that you can source which makes it free of many toxic byproducts that are in lower quality NBMI (NB) powders sold - (For Legal Reasons We Have To State "Not Suitable Or Intended For Human Consumption").

This product is only stored in glass containers and shipped to you in mini brown glass bottles. When you receive this item from us, please make sure to store the glass bottle we ship it in inside a small air tight container in your freezer because this will prevent it from ever degrading mid to long term.

Price And Size Options:
0.5 Grams (Trial Pack) $169.99 $129.99 (USD)
1 Gram $259.99 $199.99 (USD)
5 Grams $599.99 $399.99 (USD)
10 Grams $899.99 $699.99 (USD)
25 Grams $1699.99 $1199.99 (USD)
50 Grams $2699.99 $2199.99 (USD)

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